Field services may include sample collection or pickup, collection equipment, field testing at collection, and courier service to lab.

Sample and shipping containers may be provided that include preservatives already added to bottles, sample labels, chains of custody, flow sheets, and any other necessary paperwork.

A customized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that:

  • Automatically stores permitted limits that are provided by the client
  • Signals chemists if a result entered exceeds limits so that the customer can be notified even before the final report is printed.
  • Stores data so that any result falling outside the norm is flagged, thus enabling results to be rechecked before the final report is printed.

A comprehensive quality assurance program as required by the US EPA and other regulatory agencies.

Optional reporting formats.

A top-notch organics division that can perform Priority Pollutant Scanning, TCLP analyses or other GC or GCMS work.

A standard turnaround time of 7 days for inorganics and 14 days for organics with RUSH delivery available.

OSHA, EPA, and ASTM trained personnel.

Personalized attention to your account.